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15 minutes ago, player6755 said:

''I can't lose half the player base'' with an answer like that, so we know there will be no punishment for cheaters. then I ask, because only this company does this with cheaters, then I ask, because only this company does this with cheaters and toxics, after they are banned they are unbanned, Money is the reason! this game is still standing today with corruption.

That would make sense with other Publishers but Little Orbit here has been giving everyone free premium since COVID started.

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This is my personal belief and hope what is happening.  The game is free for now with a relaunch on the horizon. With the relaunch, will come advertising and a push for new players. Once this happens the game will be moderated properly. From protecting new players from farmers, from griefers and cheaters.With the all round goal of having a fun competitive game.  A couple of things that may happen...  People may be given a warning before 2.0, that if they are up to anything to drop it right now as community standards "will" be enforced. I am sure the usual suspects will be looked at closely. How do you find the usual suspects ?  Give free premium for a period of time and study the player database and get to know your clientele. Use analytics from the player database and study the players who see who is having a negative influence on the server for what ever reason from griefing, dethreating to cheating. Through this, you can start a high priority list in which any individuals who peak in any of analytic recordings will be informed that they are on the watch list and is under probation for a time in which they need to be on their top behavior..... Instead of banning for griefing, tweak the existing game system and put them on a kick list, meaning that anybody can kick them from the team, even with no demerits. Trade lock them, put them in negative escrow on their account for a time period, as well as freezing their legendarys. Until their time has passed.

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