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Lag / Lag Spikes / Freezes / Low FPS - (EU Servers)

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Yesterday I had serious issues with general lag, constant lag spikes, freezes and FPS drops as low as 5 FPS in the Financial Districts (EU Server).


So I wonder if something significant has been changed server-wise. A year ago I was able to play just fine, even on a full server. Somehow things went downhill steadily from that point on. Nothing has changed on my end as I am still using the very same computer, have the same internet provider and am even utilizing the advanced launcher (without it I could not run the game). Granted my laptop is an old potato with low specs and I have to run the game pretty much with very low/minimum settings, but like I said I did not have these massive issues a year ago (sure it did not ran great back then either but it surely did not run as bad as it does now). So what changed?


Is anyone of you guys having the same problem/experience?



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Yes, today i started playing APB again, and i was having game breaks/freezes i went from 100FPS to 20/25 FPS but this happened randomly, i was not near a lot of explosions

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Huh.. ok .  Add some info 


A) Time you was playing/experience the issues?

B) Approximate Server player Count? (on the map screen how full was the server)? And What Server (financial 2/ 3/ /5 etc)

C) Does this "lag Spike" become continuous over a set amount of seconds? or is it completely random?   (example every 5 seconds for a second) 

D) Does it cause any serious issue to stability or is it just simply a stutter? (game crashes out, or becomes un-synced)


Also some bits to keep in mind,

1) Have you over the past few months/weeks done any Driver updates? & OS updates ? (you should if you havent and/or if you have did the issue start around the same time?),

2) also cleaned/tidied your OS C drive? as OS gets old (yes it ages the longer you use it) they become slow and clogged up with update files  and ghost processes and Physical disk take longer to do stuff.

3) in terms of W10 it is becoming more difficult with older hardware as more and more updates come down. 

4) Background processes "spotify music, skype, chrome etc" and all the apps "gadget apps"  that Use "overlays" can have issues. like Icue Evga MSI Discord etc. this is to do with continues use of bandwidth, and overlays that require screen updates.  so many people play APB (example) with Origin Uplay Epic and so many open, they will all eat your bandwidth and try to overlay if enabled. 

In terms of APB the game has had some small improvements but also visually, so may find that it requires a little more than it would of a year ago or so. 



Added note:  Recently jumped on and found the server latency to be higher then normal that can cause some small stutters, but this is down to more people coming back on the game, 



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