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APB Color Converter

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As an avid user of social kiosks, I found myself utilizing a tool made by SKay to convert colors to their closest possible representation in APB HSL format.


Unfortunately the site has been down for a while, so I created a tool based off of the one which we all loved.


The tool is accessible by a direct URL here: apb.social/apbhsl


This can also be accessed on the main site in the navigation bar.





Click the BIG BOX to open a color picker.


You can manually choose a color, or input a value in the module.


Once a color is chosen, the APB HSL values will automatically adjust.


The in-game color will be reflected on the characters shirt.


Thank you to SKay who made the original below:






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16 hours ago, InkieTheSauzeGod said:

Blank with another banger

Very kind words man, thank you so much.

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