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More Secondary Weapons in "Simple Version"

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Hello again, as in the previous post (some secondary weapons "simple version") I decided
put some more images of other models of weapons as it would be in the simple version.




"Here is a suggestion of simple weapons, without attachments or mods, that I wish there was in the game.
Especially this Joker RFP-9 in Semi-Auto version with the statistics of OCSP. and I would like to see the "simple" version of FR0G in the JT store.

This version Colby Snr 850 could be with the statistics of Colby .45 but only with 6 shots and slow reload."



In these next images are some weapons already present in the game with mods, however it should have the attachments in them, because
they are weapons with fixed modification.




and as a special, I made an image showing what Colby .45 would look like with extended magazine modification.



(9 bullets, maybe?)


This post of suggestion is more for us just to imagine how it would be if it had these weapons differentiated in the game.

Sorry for any mistake in writing this post.


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Thanks for the .45 remake, it would be a cool new add as a legendary. We havent had a new legendary secondary weapon in a long time.


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