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APB Single-player / Co-op PVE Modes

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Good Evening LO and Community!


I would like to suggest new game modes for apb reloaded, as the population is dropping down significantly, I wanna experience playing against AI, that replaces humans, and I will list the modes down below here:


1. Single-player: Play against AI alone, from 3v3 to 6v6, easy-normal-hard-legend.


2. Co-op mode: Play against AI with your teammates, from 2v2 to 8v8. easy-normal-hard-legend-mission impossible.


the two modes listed above are available in Mission districts only.


The below modes:


3.  Fightclub AI modes, to help populate some areas to keep players playing, flexible skill based on player threat and rank.


4. Zombie Mode: special game mode that allows you to fight against mutants around San Paro to stop the spread of the virus! This game mode is special and has new effects to the environment lighting, a new contact can be pledged to in order to fight against the virus! - Rank 10-50.


Lastly, I would like to suggest a rank extension to help R255 players enjoy the game in a new way.


Thanks LO and community for reading.



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9 hours ago, NotZombieBiscuit said:

This is more effort than it is really worth.

it might be more effort but at the way the game is now, jericho last night had 40 players online only, and its like that almost all week, game kinda needs this as its pop is going down hill fast

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The easiest PVE addition would be a gun range. In social club just add a Joker Ticket gun range so you can get a feel for how a gun behaves before using the trial.

Then once that is done, add in range tests/competitions/goals/ what ever you want to call them. Make it a daily thing, be like: Hit 6 targets under 3 seconds for blahlbahblah 

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