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LO pls do something about it !

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hi there LO 

first of all i want to say ty for you work and handling on the game 

im sure most of us very appreciate it .

also i do notice that you listen to the game comunnity and that something very  important and in this topic i want to talk/complain about few things that start up in the last few weeks 

so in the last few weeks ( around 2-3 weeks now ) i found out there is packet loss issue and extremely lags that didnt was much before .

pack loss going from 1 - 10 .

i was thinking its something from my side but after i check everything and also talk with my ISP and we did check all the sides 

and then i heard from a lot of my friends and also saw ( in discord stream ) a lot people have hugh lags and also in the same time packet loss issue .

its happen from the update you did before the last one i guess .

its need to be fix and i want you guys pls check about it .

some people i know even stop playing apb due of this things and im sure there something to fix this .

with much respect , Donjae . 

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to add tag into the topic .

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