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1 minute ago, PatrickBatemann said:

It relates to it like this that I agree with your theoretical point. Giving formely premium items away for free and lowering the bar to obtain them so low that almost anybody can get them with little to no effort will not benefit LO. It is still a business not a charity.

I just wanted to express my opinion that the theoretical benefits wouldn't probably justify the theoretical damage.

We do not want theoretical damage.

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9 hours ago, PatrickBatemann said:

Well cool, nothing wrong about that, But if you really are a serious collector you probably like APB and are a long time player. Therefore I really think it won't hurt you to go and buy some of those identical items on Armas and support the game or if you really don't want to do that then I'm sure you'll get those eventually through grinding too.


It seems like people forget they didn't pay a dime to download and play this game (unless they bought the original release) and I don't shame people who haven't bought premium gear: that's the whole idea of a F2P game. But when some premium gear is made available for free through gameplay and then to complain that it isn't obtainable fast enough sounds quite entitled imho.

some of us are "ocd" about buying everything even though we aren't ocd ... its that completionist thing like on final fantasy games. either way yes i agree with you.


and yes the ones like that behavior do come off as entitled to some of us as well. its not just you who wonder why they do that.

not everyone has money thats fine. but for me in particular i wish i owned EVERYTHING. too bad we dont have a storage as well as a way to organize or storage for that.

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