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Ketog's Bimonthly event! "Race to the end!"

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Event powered by Wave Lounge!

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🏁Race to the end!🏁


Hello everyone! Welcome to one of my bimonthly events (bimonthly... ha, ha, ha....) , i call this one "Race to the end!"

yeah not very original i know... anyway let's get straight to the point!


What is this event?



So the event is pretty straight foward, it will be a single race, with two practice runs, and one last run which will have a 3 winners, Third place, Second place, and First place!


The path that you will need to follow is pretty simple!



The Race has been made so it's pretty simple to know where you need to go, but with some spots that are going to be tricky the more players there is,

so i hope you guys have total control over your machines!👍


As you can see on the map above, there will be a checkpoint in the middle with someone recording every player who passes by, to prevent cheating,

if you get to the finish line, but you didn't get trough the checkpoint, you're automatically lost.


The person recording will be standing here, so you have to get trough there.


After the checkpoint, you have the choice to take any path you want to get where the screenshot below shows,

the first, second, and third players, will be the winners!



The light pole will be what acts as the finish line, so if there's multiple players, you will have to squeeze through!


Of course, i know that screenshots doesn't show the path much, so one of our clan members, made a video showing the entire race for you guys:

(Thanks forums for not allowing me to center the video)


When will the event happen?


This event will happen this Saturday 21th at 20:00 UTC Citadel Financial-1 at the spot shown below:


(This is at the highest point you can be when you open your map)


Click here if you're bad with timezones.


What can i win and how do i participate?


Every people participating or watching the event will earn a Legendary Donut (Which will be usable in the next event to earn a chance of getting a legendary).


The first place will get a "Mountie SF9 'Yukon'"

The second place a "UL-3 'Jersey Devil'"

And the third place a "EOL 'The Hammer' Mk4"



🏁See you and your hot-rods in the streets of san paro!🏁


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thx for the event and thx for my new yukon ❤️



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