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Smokers Clan, your the best!

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Hi to any and all members past and present


Sad to see FE is finally getting the plug pulled, we will all miss it, and i miss the great times you guys all provided.


Ive got to say thanks to you all, the people are what make a clan, not numbers or the skill or the trash talked, and for my money you were the best clan in FE and probably one of the longest continually running.  We had great and helpful crafters who would help without being asked, generous players who would help donate mats the clan needed willingly, teams that led PvE (GORE Bosses im looking at you, we owned your asses!) and even had our moments with some of the heavyweights in PvP, and always (i hope) included anyone who wanted to come along at any time and have a go.  I guess in short you were my weird and sometimes dysfunctional online family, and i dont think another game will ever get the same mix of decent and mostly like minded people together again, which saddens me.


To our enemies, i can say in all honesty we didnt realise how much we would miss you till you were gone, RFDC, Rage, Wives, Exile to name a few, you kept us active, wish you all well.


This post was either gonna be very long and rambling, or short an sweet, you guys got lucky cause i just cant compress this many years of FE and people to thank into any sized post, so short it is 😞


Tl;Dr Title says it all


Baddog (Clan Leader), Fay Wray, Lizzie Bathory, Clarke Gable, Sophia Lauren


P.s. Would be great if anyone with screenshots can post them here.....

Honerable special mention to Isacan and Ebbel, loved by us, hated and feared by many 😄 x

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I have to agree with everything said by Fay Wray (Baddog). I will also miss my online family very much 😭


PS. Just so's LO are aware - I will still be clinging to the server when the plug is pulled (if only in the hope's that it's all a big joke and the lights will really stay on... I can dream!!! 😞).



Here till the end


Steelsky, All Heart, Squibb, Angel Rayne, Shaundi Saint, Jynx Irvin, Storm Ororo, Loretta Young, Fawne, Rogue Fury, Raven Evenege, Acquilla, Ice Aracelis, Cascata, Miss Wings, Pure Snow, Cody Millan, Pebbles Moonstone... (There are many more but those are the ones I used more often 🤔)

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Ok, im gonna have to officially thank (?) Deavonden and Red Sonia for tricking me into accepting clan lead 2550 days ago, but thats mostly because im not sure Red wouldnt track me down to beat me up (grabs crotch and spits...) while deav looks on laughing....




One last thing i almost forgot.....




*For those who dont know, the word 'CHOTA!' in region chat is a multi use word, used exclusively by Chota or those who wished to die at the hands of Chota.  Depending on who the listener is it can simultainiously mean any of the following - Hi there friend, Im having a great day, bad day, just started a mission, finished a mission, Im in PvP and need help, pm me for team invite, Im in Pvp and dont need help, or the good old fashioned - Im coming to kick your keep door down an kill everyone inside and dont want anyone saying they were suprised!

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It was a blast playing with you all from the green side (bad moons, antifa).  I haven't been on in forever but you will be missed Fay and Steelsky!  Running around s2 and recruiting new players from the beginning zones and bringing them up to speed was a good use of saturday morning.  It was serious turf war with factions trying to carve out a space for new players to be able to harvest and collect mats.  I remember when we carved out tinkers and you all had hollister.  Fun times 🙂


I switched over to ESO a long time ago, so if you ever try it out hit me up! If FE comes back, I will for sure try it out again.


See you all on the flip side and two beers for ebbel! 

IWWchi/August Spies/Lucy Parsons 

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