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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome , I will try my best to update this topic . Click the image to go straight to My Channel. ** CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE LATEST POST OF THIS THREAD !! 🎞 ** New Content for 2021 - First Match in 2021 + RTX3070 -+-+-+-+ New Series for 2021 - The UnCut series - Every episode is an uncut match from start to finish. after watching some of my original content from 2009, I decided I would take the series back to its origins. It is a lot harder to do as a "one take". you can not hide or remove bits and you have to be mindful as your playing / recording to keep it entertaining. Some Episodes do feature some extra vfx content, if on the day I feel up to it and have some spare time. Something I always push and pride my self on is Quality in the videos, All videos are recorded in Crisp 2560x1440 resolution at Max graphics settings with some special sauce. Then edited out in the same resolution and near 90% original quality. to simplify this, raw 10 minute gameplay is around 15gb, rendered out to be 2gb Episode. some serious compression. so best watching at 1440 60pfs. February Daily Episodes 9 PM GMT - Episodes already out. Episode 02 - Episode 03 - Episode 04 - Episode 05 - Episode 06 - Episode 07 - Episode 08 - Episode 09 -
  2. Hey guys, I been streaming on and off for almost 3 years and doing my best to stick to a schedule as of recent, Now that I've got a streaming laptop to use that allows me to distribute the CPU overhard to it, it now makes me more comfortable to stream the game as I lose 0 performance. I can promise you however, good gameplay, laughs, nice music and some other stuff. I like to interact with all my viewers and will play with them If I can. For now I don't have a schedule but as I get back into the streaming phase, I'll make a schedule that will fit with everyone and my work life. Come and join in on the funz and trollz with me and my clan mates from ExoGenesis as well. The stream is set to 1080p 60fps - If however many ppl suggests that it buffers too much as (twitch sucks at giving you the data consistently) I can turn it down to a lower res and do my best with the quality of image and sound. I like doing giveaways and I would love to reach 500 followers as my next target, if we can get that then I promise it to be a juicy giveaway The games I stream: - APB Reloaded (obvs) - PUBG (only when playing with mates) - Borderlands 2 ( I love this game) - Possibly some other random games when I feel to I'd like some new channel banners and descriptions to use if people are good at making them. Love you guys and peace out Link to stream: http://www.twitch.tv/digitionflux -Desmila
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