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Found 2 results

  1. What ever happened to the VWP? I was looking to buy it again on my new account and couldn't find it, assumed I was crazy and it never existed. Then on a whim I looked at the purchase history on my old account and sure enough, here it was. Vital Weapons Pack (Account Lifetime) 1,039 G1C 2015-08-11 22:19G1 Credits Why was this removed? The more important question, can it come back? It provided some basic weapons including the: NTEC-5 Joker SR15 Carbine JG-840 OCA-EW 626 N-HVR 762 These basic no mod weapons are perfect for casual players like me that play once in a while and want to be able to do Joker challenges (and with the basic tutorial completed, the choosing of the Shaw has all the basics covered) without buying temporary weapons or purchasing extremely expensive premium ones. It would be a nice way to introduce new buyers into Armas as well. However unlikely since this is supposed to be business, but if these weapons were to be given for completing say the advanced tutorial, would also be neat but I don't see that happening.
  2. Hi everyone, The title would have made things clear i guess. If not pls continue reading. An example: Lets say, you are installing microsoft office in your pc. During the installation, it provides you the option to select what are the services you are planning to install or you can install them as a whole. It depends upon your necessity. In Apb: Lets say you love shotguns and you want to buy the SG-21 Strife. But the pack costs 4k g1c. You should either buy the whole pack, or get the leased variant from the jokerstore for a week's time. Lets go deep. How many people have the norseman series guns? Hardly a handful of ppl have this. Its being set as an outcast among people. One set of ppl say its shit and another set doesnt buy cuz its being too much costly and offers only weapons. What i propose: The revelations pack costs 4k g1c and it includes the following Guns : misery, harbinger, strife, oblivion and curse vehicle: IO Growl Kits : 4 kits for growl (famine, war, death,pestilence) clothing : same as kits Instead the weapons can be put at 600-700 g1c a piece.Vehicle at 500-600 g1c, the clothing pack and vehicle kits likewise. This can be done to packs like kttc/kttw/juggernaut/norseman pack etc. What do we get out of this? An armas gun at 600g1c acct lifetime, same with cars. Clothing packs are the ones which are being bought by more people. One reason is that they are being cheap. Question: Let me give u this choice. You have 700 g1c, you can choose a clothing pack or a weapon. Which one would you choose? Profit to the company: Instead of people who ocassionally buy the packs, they tend to buy them individually, if being priced seperately. The thing to note down. The sum of the individual prices should be slightly higher than the whole pack itself, therefore giving a discount to the players who buy it as whole. Any feedback or suggestion is welcome.
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