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  1. I couldn't get quests, so i logged out and couldn't get back in. Seems every time i can't get quests i have to defrag files and recheck the data.
  2. was playing 6 hours ago and all was fine But now i can't Get my chars to load so i CAN play.
  3. just noticed a post 46mins ago, Extended Maintenance again. i'll try tomorrow after work, going to bed in an hour
  4. Or change internet connection to Fiber, Dialup is out dated guys!
  5. Nimpo, i wanna play so bad i can't get into anything else. LOL
  6. That is refreshing news, by my estimate that was posted 4 hours ago which means, roughly 2 to go. ha, ha, ha,
  7. i tried a few mins ago and no go, allthough i did get to the actual login authenticating part and it said servers are not up
  8. It's been Days and i know have a full beard and am starting to go grey, I have oiled all my weapons 100 times, have created a million rounds of ammo. Darn just remembered i am a melee chars (oh well). "POP!" oh darn another grey hair.............. *sighs*
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