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  1. Сорри нету лайков но вот тебе респект и в игре мб что то будет))))0_)
  2. Russian community contacted Innova to find out what and how. As a result, it turned out that Inova only yesterday learned that LO needs some more data.
  3. I will express the opinion of the majority of players Innova. We do not need a transfer without our items. Bolginsvot players can not afford to buy and 10% of what they had on Innova. As you say a lot of things were donated or sold very cheap, but this is by your standards cheap, and for us real money if you can spend $ 300 a game on a month and don’t feel a lack of finance, then the innovators have an average salary of 200-300 $
  4. G1 transferred the characters from Inovva to Nekrov although they were not obliged. And now Lo wants to drive us out. This is the same as taking a puppy from the street to bring home to feed, give shelter, and a week later throw back.
  5. In your words there is a logic, I understand that it is difficult for you to make decisions, but there should be a compensation. I for example do not have legendary weapons. I bought everything in Armas inovy. Give those players g1s depending on the hours spent (in combat areas) in the game so it will be fair the more you play the more you earn
  6. It's very simple 1: 1 for each item that you want to select, give the players a different one. As for me, it is better to give a little more than take away everything.
  7. Exactly. Why do I need to be nobody in Megapolis when I am the king of my village
  8. Once you do it not out of greed, provide compensation for each item taken from the players.
  9. Because Luo is greedy and do not want to give the players donated for free Merged. I'd rather play on Nekrovа in the area of 20x20 how to run naked on Citadel
  10. I played on Innova for almost 5 years and 40 thousand rubles for donat. What do you offer to buy everything again? Yeah good luck.
  11. I really like the logic of LO: Why give people donations that they bought for their money, it’s better to leave them alone and lose significant part of the audience.
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