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  1. ______________ Video ______________ Charlotte - at first glance, an ordinary girl from San Paro, but a spy of the highest class is hidden behind a sweet smile. Charlotte engaged in industrial espionage, theft of technology from leading companies in the world. At her you can find modifications from exclusive items and upgrades. Her stock: Exclusive Modifications Weapon upgrades Unique skins for Joker Box weapons ------------ Biography ------------ Charlotte was born in San Paro in the family of lawyer Sean Siemens, her mother was a chef in a casino "Katak". Her childhood was wonderful, the family lived without refusing anything, because my father had many clients who were ready to pay any money so that they would not go to jail. But when Charlotte was 10 years old, her Father was killed. It was an ordinary evening, the whole family was having dinner, when suddenly several people broke into their house, they were all dressed in stylish costumes. They wanted his father to stop investigating the case related to customs violations. But he refused, and during the beatings he died. Mother could not bear grief and a year later died from alcoholism. Charlotte got into an orphanage, from which she ran away a few years later. All she wanted was to take revenge on those who destroyed her family. At the age of 14, she already began to sort out, as it turned out, the people who killed her father were from Nekrova International, which at that time was just beginning to capture the market in San Paro. Charlotte understood that she can't just destroy the company and began to look for options. At the age of 17, she got a job at Nekrova International as a Junior Researcher in order to find out everything from the inside, during the search she came across documents on the new development that Nekrova International was going to release next year. "Here it is", Charlotte thought, "if these developments fall into the hands of competitors, it will greatly harm Necrova." Soon, she sold the development, for which she received a substantial sum, and Nekrova International lost huge profits. Charlotte realized that data theft brings a lot of money and became interested in it. Soon she disappeared and no one had heard about her for several years. And after 4 years she returns to San Paro, and not empty-handed. She has in her stock a huge number of unique items that were either stolen from the leading world companies, or recreated from stolen blueprints.
  2. #UglySweater Server: Citadel Nickname: Pinkl
  3. I read a lot of words here, but most of them are just rubbish or nagging. I would like more people to be able to play this game, but if you are too bogged down in your mindset, comfort is not important for you, it is important that everything is according to imaginary rules. Do you want to play honestly duck set yourself the same settings you will have the same soapy textures and poorly detailed effects. What do not like do you want a beautiful picture? And here is everyone else who wants but cannot get from weak computers, but you don’t care about playing with lags and friezes, or don’t play at all. I am very razzacharov in the Euro community due to the fact that I tried to raise online and improve the lives of the players, but in return I received exclamations that the Russians are all cheaters and they are so bad.
  4. Barring launchers does not mean that these functions will stop working
  5. Will you answer our questions? If we remove sports features from the launcher, will you allow players to use them?
  6. Perhaps we have different concepts about the advantage in the game
  7. Balance weapons muzzle flash? You are sick? This is an element of decoration. You are not in a tactical first-person shooter, when shooting at the weapon, the weapon is biased to the side and you do not even pay attention to it. I would say that everything on the contrary is that you don’t see the enemy’s outbreaks and it’s more difficult for you to determine where he is, as well as the tracer from the rocket. But muzzle flares greatly reduce FPS. This is the same as disabling dynamic shadows. In the shadows, you could determine where your opponent was giving you tactical advantage, but players on weak PCs cannot afford to play with such settings as a consequence, they do not have this advantage, for there is a lot of FPS and friezes during shooting. I noticed that the entire Euro community considers these modifications to be cheats on par with the aim and pixel triggers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A list of all the modifications that this launcher can make. I believe that there are only 2 controversial functions, but I’m sure that you will find a terrible advantage in replacing the sound of the car
  8. Has your account been stolen by the developers of this program?
  9. In the launcher there are only 2 controversial functions: disconnecting smoke and tracers from HE grenades. Other functions do not give you any advantage other than increasing FPS and reducing the number of lags. It’s not advisable to give players streams as an example, because if they can stream the game with good FPS, then their Komruuter are clearly better than the majority plague. Not once have people written to me who thanked me for being able to play at least somehow in the APB and that without this launcher they had 10-15 fps. So tell me what's wrong with turning off muzzle fire or blood from opponents what kind of advantage does it give you?
  10. There are several programs that in no way affect the game but load the computer; if you turn them off, the FPS grows by 10-15
  11. We just wanted to help players in their favorite game.
  12. Good afternoon, I am one of the developers of this program. We apologize for the inconvenience. We just wanted to help many players with weak computer playing their favorite game. If you want, we can remove all links to it. But if you allow us to clarify this and remove the controversial functions, we will be very grateful to you.
  13. Ты что идиот? я тоже играл на иннове и потеряю после переноса около 50к рублей но я же на плачу. Тебе никто нечего не должен ты делал покупки в магазине инновы, а не g1 это разные компании. Тебе сделали одолжение что дали хоть какую то компенсацию хотя они тебе нечего не должны. Касаемо того что нас пересли на Некрову, а не Цитадель причина в том что на иновке было куча уникальных пух которые они сами рисовали и раздавали перки которые были встроенные, а так же напрочь поломали экономику. Так что винить нужно Иннову а не g1.
  14. Let's start with the fact that g1 and Lo were not supposed to carry characters at all; they did you a favor. If they didn’t like their audience, they would simply say that "we don’t need these Russian players who want to make an account for themselves at the citadel" So shut up and take off your shoes at least something was given to you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If I have a character on the Citadel and a character on Necro with the same name but on different accounts, which one will be forcibly renamed?
  15. Of course, I understand that you are busy, but you can tell me how things are with the transfer, what prevents you from doing it now. Such a feeling that everyone forgot about us ((
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