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    1) I was annoyed by the very short games in the fight club. at least in warehouses. frequent breaks between games. players very quickly close the game 2) once again during the game on the area I open the inventory and this error appears
  2. learn Russian. learn to play... the typical answer is "professional" player which doesn't make you a professional player.
  3. unlikely or not. It's all the same to me. just give me single player and do what you want.
  4. god... what are you talking about? my yours do not understand))) blah blah blah. write on the topic dreamer
  5. I like playing. I play in a team, but sometimes you want to leave the mission. although at heart a single player but to play in the team there's nothing left. if you want to solve this problem, the game should be not only a team, but also a single. various. if you want more online in the game. and everyone will play in the mode where they want, without interfering with each other. the perfect game would be the one I make myself. until then, I play what I like best. weak or strong. I don't care what you think. I will do as I see fit. I know better
  6. I didn't ask HOW. I asked WHY Merged. shouldn't and shouldn't have. I'm still not doing anything on the mission, kill the leader, hoping that he had me kicknet or close the game and go again. if I can get out quickly, the team will find reinforcements faster
  7. why can't I leave the mission? do you have to close the game and go again?
  8. god... blah blah blah. bullshoot. play alone through the squad menu? Is it serious? look at the photo if I understand correctly, the flag is not removed there. have you come to terms with team play? flag in hand! fight club has a team game if th. help. fight club is mindless meat. nothing. think before you grind any game response to you above
  9. Make a mode for singles please. I'm not a team player
  10. Существует мнение, что цены меняются с изменением языка, но это не является определенным ))) There is an opinion that prices change as the language changes, but this is not certain )))
  11. Сool. Such Armas me more on psyche even the translation is partially
  12. all updates later. enter riot the game and go )))
  13. LITTLE ORBIT well done))) riot cool. really looking forward to the event at the citadel. I will play in what is already done. then you will finish the rest already on the citadel. thanks))) keep it up! p.s. Russia)
  14. "To The Citadel" Will they give a title in honor of the transfer so everyone can see what I'm with Nekrova?
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