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  1. Nice to see the changes will be tested on Asylum @Sakebee, looking forward to that. On another note, would it be possible to slightly readjust the ACES SMG to be slightly less annoying to play? I'm talking about bringing its damage up to par with the ACES Rifle so it becomes a 14STK weapon. This could be done while lowering its firerate so it pretty much keeps its current TTK. Both weapons use the same platform and ammo and the Rifle has other distinct advantages such as range, so it would make sense that they do the same damage. This weapon is very seldom seen ingame and a small buff like this would help it. Here are the stat changes I would make: ACES SMG Damage: 70 -> 75 (14 STK) Fire interval: 0.045 -> 0.048
  2. I agree with the 8GB "minimum" suggestion. 16GB+ should be used if you want to move APB's cache and logs to a RAM drive for (slightly) better performance and less SSD wear. As for the swap/paging file I recommend that you leave the settings on their default position, of course a swapfile is no substitute for RAM but having it can make so that programs at least slow down rather than crash, should they run out of memory. I have never seen any gains from turning it off for APB.
  3. Can you clarify whether file modifications such as no grenade smoke, no muzzle flash etc. are allowed? I felt like this was missing from the rules, since some players use these on stream even though they theoretically are against TOS. Personally I would allow only Advanced Launcher and equivalents, but this is up to the organizers. If everyone's gameplay is recorded it should be relatively easy to spot and enforce this.
  4. Is there a chance the DOW Stock could be added to ARMAS or the Joker store? A 5 day lease could be obtained from RIOT daily activities for a limited time until RIOT was disabled. I prefer its model to the more common "Thumper" variant and the red mod is not necessary for me, so it is a weapon I would really like to have permanently.
  5. Would it be an option to use prototype stats on Asylum, once it returns after this patch? That would be an easy way to see how the new (old?) shotguns compare against other close-range weapons, since mission matchmaking doesn't get in the way in FC. I don't really see the appeal of prototype mission districts, as even if they were full, nowadays it is far too easy to get matched against newer players who would just render the changes irrelevant.
  6. Even though dropoff begins at 35 meters for the Joker Carbine it is still able to kill in 6 shots at 40 meters, because it barely loses damage for those first meters. Other semi-automatics show similar results, for instance an Obeya CR762 with no mods will easily outrange a Misery with IR3 despite theoretically starting its dropoff earlier. I do believe the VBR's range should be increased to 40m though, since it lacks overdamage to compensate for the reduction for 35m, and thus is very rarely chosen ingame.
  7. It will be interesting to see how the Showstopper behaves with these changes, since it didn't exist pre-LO. It does look like a step down from primary shotguns now, as it should be. Also, have the OCA stats been applied correctly this time or is the Whisper still evading the nerf?
  8. The SHAW would appreciate increased hard damage to be worth picking over the easier to play AMG, perhaps to 23 (still lower DPS than SWARM) up from 15. Many newer players assume that it is good against vehicles due to being a LMG, however it is barely better in terms of anti vehicle DPS than an OCA. The SWARM is already quite effective against both vehicles and enemies on foot so I don't see the reason why the SHAW shouldn't be competent at both.
  9. Indeed, before per ray scaling was introduced almost noone used the NFAS except the occasional newbie, even though its theoretical damage output was much higher at just a few points short of a 2 shot. Most of the other (circled) stats were the same when the weapon had almost zero usage. That value of 0.81 is excessive though, and in my opinion no shotgun should have below 0.9. This of course, if the system does not get scrapped completely... However I wouldn't say the NFAS is the worst offender in terms of overpowered weapons right now. The Showstopper for instance is essentially a better NFAS except for being a tenth of a second slower to kill... and it's a secondary.
  10. There is a potential issue with the OCA changes @MattScott has pointed out on the OP of this thread. The OCA's fire interval should have been increased to 0.098 seconds, however, none of the OCA variants have obtained this fire rate according to APBDB. Standard (such as the Stiletto) and non-Whisper silenced models have been downgraded further to 0.100, giving them a 0.7s TTK: PDW "Stiletto" stats The Whisper and its reskin (Kris), on the other hand, have not been touched and retain the pre-patch 0.64s TTK, making them superior to the other variants: PDW "Kris" stats I have tried to measure the fire rate by recording myself emptying the magazine of a Kris, then doing the same with a Stiletto. It takes noticeably longer (when slowing down the video) to empty the Stiletto, which backs up the APBDB stats. However, this is not the most precise of methods and it would be nice if someone else could test to see if there is an actual fire rate difference in game.
  11. I don't believe a TTK improvement is the only thing that could make the STAR more viable as an N-TEC alternative. Here is what I would do: - Reduce the reload time to 2.40s from 2.80s (the STAR having a ridiculously long reload time has already been brought up in this thread). This would make it match the N-TEC. - Increase marksmanship strafing speed from 175cm/s to 275cm/s. Even the LCR, for all its faults, got this right. It makes absolutely zero sense that the long range version of the same weapon has more mobility (and less accuracy, but that's a problem of the LCR, not the regular STAR) than the close-medium range version. - Improve the marksmanship modifier from 0.63 to 0.4 for the STAR LCR variant. This should be self explanatory to anyone who has tried to use the LCR in its intended range. The point is to not make it a clone of the N-TEC, but to offer an alternative that has different strengths and weaknesses and can be appealing to both new and veteran players, like the N-TEC already is.
  12. On the topic of changing secondaries' preset mods, have you considered changing the RSA "Hunter"'s modification from High Magnification Scope to Hunting Sight 2/3? While it has phenomenal accuracy with the new stats, the modification makes very little sense as the model has no scope, and also is very clunky on a secondary to begin with. I very much doubt this would be overpowered given that the ACT does have the ability to use HS3 and plenty of advantages compared to the RSA. Adding a JT-buyable version could also help dispel any "P2W" concerns. As for the rest of the changes I fully agree with what has been pushed to Live so far. I hope the N-Tec is dealt with soon (it's not much of a problem in my opinion) so the focus can move to shotguns again.
  13. I fully agree and it's nice to see the Talon isn't being disadvantaged for no reason anymore. RFP Test A (aka reducing effective range) is not a good idea in my opinion, as it makes the Fang's advantage over the regular RFP much more noticeable. It would have to be accompanied by a downgrade of the Fang's Improved Rifling, as has been suggested many times before, but even so I believe B is a superior choice as the game already has plenty of 30m-capped secondaries. On the other hand it seems like a bad idea to release the OCA nerf before something is done about shotguns, as even with the OCA being very powerful currently it still struggles against JG and NFAS at distances where a shotgun shouldn't have an advantage anymore.
  14. As the title says, it would make sense to increase this rather underused weapon's effective range so it can keep up with the much less accurate PMG and Whisper. I believe 35m or even 40m would make sense. At the moment it feels like all that accuracy goes to waste without Improved Rifling, and this weapon already pays the price for being accurate in form of higher TTK and bloom compared to the more popular SMGs.
  15. The Scoped N-Tec in particular was one of the weapons that worked best with that temporary IR change. One possible option to make the weapon more appealing would be to make it behave exactly like the regular N-Tec did during those IR changes, with a reduced firerate and increased range, but less of a penalty when strafing and shooting. That would make the Scoped N-Tec and Scepter very attractive to those who miss the slow-firing IR3 N-Tec, and a solid alternative to the Obeya CR762.
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