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  1. Glad that you got it working, but there are a few things i dont really understand. Why wasn't the database backed up in advance? Seems like a bad idea to rely on the faulty controller to back it up. If it was already backed up you'd waste less time moving it over to the new, new server. How do you know that it was the raid controller failing, and not a number of drives? And if you were sure it was the controller, why move the data, and not just put in the old drives in the new server? I'm happy with the way you are communicating when there's issues, but you should always expect more issues. Maybe you should say that it will take longer, than what you actually predict. It kinda sucks when the fix is pushed back several times, and people are waiting for it. It would've been better to push it back by 12 hours twice, than saying "6 hours" "6 hours" "6 hours" "3 hours" "3 hours", it just makes it look like you dont know what you are doing.
  2. https://open.spotify.com/user/11161115260/playlist/3T5SxKSZNIFuVAgDTkdxUK?si=e1pfm8PdRtKN8aZ_vb5-GA
  3. I have a feeling that hitreg would be more consistent if the servers ran at 60fps, they're current running 30fps, i think?
  4. When the 2 EU and NA servers got merged there was multiple factors used to determine who kept the nickname, if i recall correctly. It was mainly based on playtime and login activity i think. I'd recommend using the same concept for the merge now. It doesn't seem fair to me that active players should have their nickname taken away by an inactive account. Also clothing, symbols and cars is something that must be transfered as well. I know if i was one of those getting transfered, i would be pretty upset with losing everything that made my character unique.
  5. I'm getting tired of the constant 3 day trade lock because of windows updates and hardware changes. Wouldn't it be better to remove trade locks overall for people that have 2 factor authentication set up? I really see no reason for the account to be compromised at that point anyway.
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