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  1. Ok thanks, I didn't remember that from last time
  2. I went to a pvp area when the hammer was visible to harvest. Berry Bushes were up, so I harvested them to get Tainted Berries (needed for Cooking). Instead I got only Raw Honey, which is freely available in non-pvp areas and used for a different set of cooking recipes. Can we please have the Berry Bushes loaded into pvp areas actually drop Tainted Berries, instead of Raw Honey? What is the reasoning behind misleading us like this?
  3. Logged off about 30mins ago. Have been trying to log back for about 15 mins or so. Is game currently offline? Can't tell from the forums, if so.
  4. Fallen Earth Classic screenshots! Please add your screenshots from the new FEC
  5. Thanks! I got back in the game and started my new character. I'm so excited!!!
  6. I just now found out Fallen Earth is back. I can't remember my login information. Can I get my old account back? Thank you. Merged. Can I use my forum account to make a new FEC account? Thank you.
  7. Wow, I was so surprised to see FE is coming back to life! This was my 2nd favorite mmo (next to MxO). Now I hope it returns better than it was before. :)
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