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  1. Hello Friendly Fallen Earth team and it's deeply loved users. Just wanted to give a quick hello to the community. Not new to the game but, forum wise I am. Hopefully, we can make a smooth long lasting future together. -iDerek4Real
  2. This may or may not be edited. Hello fellow Fallen Earth friends. "Fallen Earth 2060" -Renamed to add 2060 -Fully free 2 play version with enhanced market place(Obtain the audiences you deserve) -Not everyone wants to pay and to be clear only a legit small circle will at subscription. The other half will get to fuatrated from limitations but, a hand full will stick around anyways if the community isn't toxic(not saying it is/isn't) -New Engine (dx11,12 or 13) -Re-polish the models from FE1(reuse) -Add some better physics(all around) -Add some radio stations to be found through the game(stretch but, not needed) -Simplify/Tweak certain systems & mechanic(that players of the past complained about) -Allow transferring of certain items(paid items but, not all) -Same missions -Market towards New Players/Customers (the older player base will say the game isn't as great as the first anyways) -Give minor incentive towards returning player base (enough just to keep them silent long enough for the new player base to roll-in) -attempt to cut ties with FE1 (only in ones memories shall the game be remembered) NOW THEN, I'd call this a remastered version of Fallen Earth that I'm iDerek4Real. I'm really just someone to pay no mind or maybe I am.
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