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  1. try using the email you registered with as the user name
  2. There's no argument here. The new GMs have to remain anonymous because that's how GM'ing works in all other MMORPGs. (to my knowledge.) The staff explained the reason for it. It is not subject to change.
  3. Because, from what I understand, the remake/reboot/whatever is at least 6 months off or more at this point. In that time you can enjoy all the current Fallen Earth has to offer content wise.
  4. What you said is essentially the same thing with only the wording being different. If there was a new Fallen Earth, there would be a new server for it. Even if there was a sequel, or a reboot, there would still be a new server needed.
  5. This was posted over 3 months ago. Let's find something better to do with our time than post off topic remarks in a sticky thread.
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