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  1. make your toons do a /wave /bow or anything you like on youtube. upload and put #ripfe in the title plus if you like put your story in description or voice it
  2. https://fallenearth.fandom.com/wiki/Anniversary_Box
  3. Dont you have pre Outpost server builds? they were stable Thereis no better game. People dont play it but they love it. if you cant fix exploits dont fix. make it worthless to exploit. For some people to have an option to log in on own toon and socialize is enough. lets say you have only citadel for some pve/ flagged pvp plus chat. Or at least to power up the server twice a year like an event. fe on new engine is another game
  4. visit hp support for the lastest drivers?
  5. in short term its a good idea but it gona split the community. what if on the new server new dupe will be found? make third server? duped items\resourses can be made unwanted by adding new content and/or nerf of old. also dont let npc to buy it. chips is a bigger problem but could be solved too. convert all chips to some currency that has a good value. like you can buy random item lottery boxes, win some stuff, sell it, like light premiums, cosmetics. people can try to AH it but it would be reds and not yellows, when fe become f2p and they added wardrobe, wardrobe unlock was 2red. you can make some funny missions with counterfeiters so it will fit the game
  6. disable 'run in a window' option or change your windows desktop resolution to play in a fullscreen window
  7. decrease the resolution to fullhd, btw sniping also not looking good at higher res
  8. can we have old AP system back? no ap limit but also no ap injectors, no ap races, no world events ap, no random ap can we have complete rework on combat system? not just adjusting can you rework GORE bosses drop and event reward to something valuable can you rework harvester system bcs the nerf they had on drop rate plus fuel and prospectors just killed all fun for both harvesters and robbers can you remove some items from merchants? like gunpowder, fasteners, gears, bandages, let players craft it, be social, use AH, go to hunt mobs for drop, to explore
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