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  1. Same for me, been long time since I was here. Time to start all over and learn again.
  2. Well don't really like steam, but another game I play a lot is only on steam. Thanks for your reply
  3. Is there a difference between FE classic using steam or just logging straight in to the server? thank you
  4. Glad to see things are happening, I think it will be good for a wipe and restart with the new servers and all. Tell the group thanks for all their hard work to bring FE back and upgraded.
  5. Well not sure where on discord to search for name, I am on discord fallen earth which is a player made page,
  6. Was wondering if you use Discord. Great way to keep in touch. Also looks like a great group so very interested in what times most play? Thanks for info, have a great day/night
  7. Not sure what fullHD resolution, tried to lower the resolution and all it did was make the game window smaller and print was still the same. thanks for your time though,,
  8. I just started playing again, been years since I played FE. The last two games I have played where (are) in Alpha so starting over wipe after wipe is getting old. I enjoy playing FE with one minor problem, Chat Text Size. Now before everyone jumps in with a fix, yes I know in set up you can change the chat text to Extra Larger, or something like that. Anyway the largest size is selected and still the text in chat is hard for me to read due to being so small. I am running a monitor at 2560 x 1440 resolution and refresh rate at 119 Hz. Amazing there seems to be no lag playing the game, its just with chat so small I would like to ask a question in-game, or maybe join a faction but not tell I can read what is being said. So basically looking for a tech person to tell me if there is away to make text larger? Have a great day...new clone,, in game, Modac..
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