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  1. I guess this is why the majority of players I see today are PvPers... isn't that a coincidence
  2. Hello does anyone have any clue why FE starts to lag? e.g. chat delay, crafting delay, mail delay, etc. I've never recall experiencing this back then...
  3. Well that didn't last very well, did it? Never was a fan of PvP ever since I first played FE.
  4. Note that this exploit was rampant for YEARS until finally GMs and devs listened. Who knows how many duped items are there. TBH with you, I don't believe there should be a wipe without a major update.
  5. You can just refund all the G1C credits and reward points to those that payed unless purchase history isn't recorded. If that's the case then pretty much fix duping exploit and move on without wipe.
  6. There has to be a wipe eventually if duped items can't be balanced. But at the same time a lot of stuff in this game needs to be fixed and improved so we can get more players and more population before a wipe.
  7. She's gone now finally, hallelujah! Anyway the duping needs to be fixed pronto and splitting feature added back otherwise remove the weight limit.
  8. if splitting won't come back any time soon, might as well remove weight limit!!
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