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  1. it is the 22 october 2019 i mean if you want to do the event on november i dont mind (im just hyped)
  2. welp this game sucks and the most community with it but we got LO who try they best and you can always comeback later its not like you gonna delete ALL YOUR STUFF . so have fun your new games ^^
  3. Nemonz

    Graphic probs

    Thanks TheSxW is actully better then before
  4. Nemonz

    Graphic probs

    its seems good for the moment
  5. Nemonz

    Graphic probs

    oki but its would be still laggy sadly
  6. Nemonz

    Graphic probs

    i recently use the apb advence launcher and like charecter have lines all over her clothes and seems not loaded i dont what to do? Merge And all designs are blurry help plz
  7. Nemonz

    Jocker scam ?

    i put a ? for saying idk if it is one xD welp i spend a lot in this game so i guess is in my mails thanks all
  8. Nemonz

    Jocker scam ?

    i buy a Joker Mystery Box 11 (5 Pack + 1 Bonus) and i get a gold box so redeem it and i didnt redeem jocker one so idk where is it ?
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