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  1. Because the game was brought back by popular demand. *my guess* When the reboot is live they might add a store, but since this is still the buggy version from the original devs, instead of asking us for money, the new team is giving us access to everything free of charge to hold us at bay until the new reboot is released, then you better have your Creditcard waiting, or an army of bandits and irradiated rats will be outside your door waiting for you
  2. I dont believe so, but using steam is generally simple. TBH not sure if the direct way even works anymore. I assume it does.
  3. Not April and not a screen shot. but Fallen Earth Classic 2022 Ultrawide 3440x1440 Old Town Road - YouTube
  4. Extended Maintenace? Was working last night. Maintenace is usually Monday & Friday according to a tweet a long time ago in a galaxy far far awa..err wrong game. Well M and F is set maintenance. Hope all is ok, an update would be nice. TY
  5. Steam still not working for FE? Working!! Nope still crashes when firing a gun
  6. MMORPG = Many Men Online Role Playing Girls. Let the dental floss armor reign supreme lol Thanks for the updates. Looking forward to the engine rework
  7. the mass majority of gamers are still guys, marketing has proven dental floss is a more profitable selling point than properly armored clothing for women,
  8. This is not the thread for that, shoot me a pm if you like and Ill be happy to address any questions. Thank you in advance to the devs for any updates you post here.
  9. That is fine, I just dont do social media. No twitter, no facebook, no myspace. So I dont get all those spammy emails, but I also miss out on alot of updates. Small price to stay off the social media grid.
  10. Could you maybe post updates to this thread too please? Not all of us are a fan of censorship Social media. I dont do twitter personally, but I have enjoyed this mmorpg for years, and want to know whats coming, but not at the cost of giving twitter my info to sell.
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