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  1. im am on Jericho and could always use a cash infusion. lol ive been under 100k for years lol. well on each character. i managed to grind and buy a car 6 months ago. so now im like at 10k . you dont have to donate though hahaha
  2. I hadn't even thought of the billboards but that is a good idea. Sadly my art wouldn't be good enough for me to want it up there lol. i just had thought about making like a tshirt that said I heart Little Orbit or something. What sparked my original post was remembering another game that has similar feature. You cant use their game logo or other copyrighted material in it. Course they also let you upload small jpegs directly.
  3. Hey all, So honestly I was thinking about how happy I am with Little Orbit so far. I was wanting to show my support in game with either symbols or preset clothing perhaps? Wanting to know about what my options were and any rules dealing with symbols regarding little orbit name. I've seen where people have made different symbols. Just haven't seen any used in game yet. I get that there would be a risk of people using symbols to bash little orbit too. Also the risk of being misconstrued as "pretending to be little orbit staff" or something. So was just hoping for some insight is all. Thanks! John Nails
  4. Alright so I was able to log in and get into a district. However I had to shut steam down, fire game up and log in manually. Then once I got to character screen I fired steam back up. I was getting battle eye blocked on same file. Also noticed that when the game crashed it was at the point that the game would have been logging in automatically with my steam account. Once I loaded into a district steam picked up I was playing apb. Now I haven't played yet so I don't know if it will kick me after a while. Also if you normally use steam to launch apb then you will have to go to your APB Reloaded\Launcher folder and run the apb launcher exe by hand. Otherwise the shortcut steam placed for you will try to open steam which I would assume would cause game to crash. best of luck, John
  5. As a guy who was in the IT industry once upon a time, and also one who took down a couple server racks once, I am aware of how troublesome this kinda stuff can be. Appreciate all your hard work and heads up on what all transpired! Thank you for the free premium it is much appreciated! Honestly I am really impressed with ya'll since you took over. I am very grateful to you for doing so. This past year I was afraid we were going to see the end of apb soon. Since ya'll have been on the scene, i've noticed the little things you added. It has been as though apb has new life breathed into it! Again Thank You!, John Nails
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