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    Save the Noobs and Fixing Threat Issue all in one

    You realize this will do nothing right? Since Little orbit took over and removed all the "unjust" bans, there has been an influx of "pros" and "returning" players who have been coming back only to continue cheating.. Sorry, "pros" I misspoke. Any person with half a brain to avoid the "pros" would just reroll and play on these "LOCKED" servers as you call it, and would still destroy any new players. "gold guns" are no different from any other guns that you can buy from contacts, I been rerolling for weeks to play in bronze just so I can enjoy the game once again... and guess what, im using a stock jg and fbw and am still able to easily get 10-15 win streak whilst having 15-20 kills a mission with very few deaths. Besides it all, this game is almost near perfect.. All little Orbit needs to do now is optimize the game so anyone that has a semi decent comp can run this game above 60fps without needing to use adv launcher and have their game look pong. That and be more forward with banning people, Once streamers and media realize this game isnt infested with circle jerk cheaters.. whoops there I go again I meant "pros".. This game will run it self and grow exponentially..
  3. Yeah I don't see the point of wasting my time reporting someone to support when the out come is "just /ignore them".. Especially when it happens just about every day.