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  1. I still meet players who play better than me. Little Orbit, please ban moar
  2. It's necessary to report such griefers and ban them
  3. Players say they were kicked and banned by EasyAntiCheat. For griefing players should be banned manually. I mean - what does the anti-cheat have to do with it
  4. So now cheaters have been banned and I can play in silver districts? Why are there no any comments from LO? G1 has always shared such news with players...
  5. And where are all these things now? I played for a while on Innova and even donated a little, but quickly abandoned this idea, and was not interested in transferring from Innova to Nekrova. But I know good enough the economic situation in the country and how people live in it, so when someone says that in Russia "it's not accepted" (in Russia), I want to ask a question - it wasn't accepted during the gang war in the 90s?
  6. Do you mean Russia? In Russia, people are plundered by the government itself and the friends of the fabulous. At the same time, all this is covered by russian laws. If Little Orbit acted in the russian manner, then you would receive one big nothing and you would have been forced to pay for the transfer from your pocket, recalling that you need to love mother Russia and the great Putin!
  7. Think about cheats as automatic process control https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Process_control I don't play with cheats (just in case).
  8. It can sometimes be heard in different places. In game resources, the file is named 42983544 and has the extension wem. This is how this track sounds.
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