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  1. @CookiePuss There are several graphic problem wich do appear on high end pc as on low pcs. Those are kind of programming issues (overflow i guess). With the advanced launcher you can easily skip those performance issues on both low/high end pcs.
  2. Jacuci

    battle royale

    The playerbase will explode ^^ Every game with battle royal has more players than apb. If apb get that gamemode then many many players will actually come play apb for like 2months and than abandon it again.... sad truth battle royal is so overrated.
  3. I think the shotgun range buff is a bit to hard. Everyone just plays csg with ir3 (lower fire rate can be beaten out with shoulder switching) and it is disgusting because you don`t stand a change by getting 2shottet at 20m.
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    Yes please boost "Jacuci" ;)