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  1. Fallen Earth under G1 has been like a classic muscle car that was left in the sun to rust away with no maintenance for years. They kept breaking the game and making changes nobody asked for, making everything less enjoyable and less rewarding, which drove away the core player base. Trying to fix FE as it is now is like trying to fix such a car to look presentable. It realistically isn't financially feasible unless you're already filthy rich and like fixing wrecks as a hobby. Cannibalizing the game and getting all the non-proprietary source data out and using that to create a Fallen Earth 2 is a better option. For the game to thrive again, soooo much would need to be done and this game is completely unknown by now and I haven't seen ads for it since.... ever (even APB has had banner ads). Word of mouth won't be enough and where would you get the money for ads besides the massive amount of money already needed to fix the game? It doesn't help that the game has been passed around publishers more than once, creating this proprietary obstacle, people working on somebody else's code and whatnot. NoMan's Sky had a disastrous launch but at least it was still their code and they managed to fix it to a proper game in 2 years before the game could become forgotten. FE is almost 10 years old, that's way past any salvageable due date. The game is too dated, too unknown, to problematic. The hardcore fans it has now are not enough to save it. The playerbase hasn't peaked in the triple digits for years (I check the social menu each 2 weeks, average player count is always 40-80). An MMORPG needs triple digits to remain relevant. I'm not being pessimistic for the sake of negativity. I always wanted FE to succeed and I was lucky to have started playing years ago when there player count was actually above 1000 and it felt like I was actually playing an MMO and not a literal abandoned wasteland; even single player Fallout games feel more alive than this. But any new player who started playing FE after the G.O.R.E. update (the beginning of the end) will never experience the better quality game that the older players enjoyed before that.
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