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  1. This game will die, soon. I've seen such a decrease in players these last 2 months than in the last 2 years of playing. Little orbit released a game mode with out thinking and want to profit from a game with a engine so old and held together with duct tape code that they failed to realized if they put money into the engine and just get it done content production will be of a much better quality and be able to produce more. Maybe they should go back to making games for children as that way there is no community involved and they can just do what they want
  2. i just want to say, just because you can buy something with a credit card does not mean you should. i dealt with people in debt for awhile and its funny because they start out saying things like this
  3. I feel like im the only person who doesnt have issues with FPS lol i get 144 and it stays there lol
  4. Thank you so much for responding Matt
  5. Is there a reason the orange pumpkins are not spawning in aslyum? I could really use the joker tickets! Any insight would be appreciated thank you.
  6. Matt How about players first. Honestly though i think keeping the name is a REALLY bad idea for the growth of the game.
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