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  1. Hey guys, wanted to share a fanart of my character I did some time ago. Took a crazy amount of time as it's also my first 3D project ever. Hope you like it. You can find a few more renders, including close-ups of the weapons, in my Artstation project.
  2. I have no experience with that, so thanks for the tips. As a very detail oriented person I just love making high poly models. You could even say I take pride in it, because not many people have the patience to sit through all the hours and what seems like unnecessary details that actually make the model so much more fun to look at IMO.
  3. Here are some pictures from Keyshot 7.1's viewport, not proper renders yet. I'm probably going to add those as I make them in the next couple days. Modeled completely in Fusion 360. More screens below
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