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  1. If you want my honest opinion I think Espacio needs to be bumped up to good tier as it has all the benefits of the Pioneer with the only downside is single side shooting in the back seats.


    The jericho also needs to be bumped down to bad tier for it's seemingly random ability to get stuck and blow up, or flip over when lightly caressing a curb.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Aeronaut said:



    Just short, funny(?) clips APB moments with friends. I'm generally not a fan of longer APB videos some other players might upload, and I think it just makes it easier to consume in a shorter format.

    Watch all this guys videos, the amount of effort put into each one and the quality of the content is too good to pass up.


    Make sure to like comment subscribe and turn on his notifications as well.

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  3. Just now, Bellenettiel said:

    what are you talking about, that isn't ZombieBiscuit. :^)

    Yeah how could it be, zombiebiscuit was an insta ban name on the old forums (^:

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