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  1. 2 hours ago, NotZombieBiscuit said:

    Haven't used that outfit in like 3-4 years.


    Oh, how I copied some nerd on joker called Virgil or something, despite having no idea who the person is or ever playing on Joker? Okay.

    I'm proud of you for developing your own style zombie, of which I blatantly rip the socks off of.

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  2. On 5/27/2018 at 7:18 AM, Luminesca said:

    Really nicely written, I'm a vet but learned few things aswell. 

    • I'm working on more ideas for veteran players. It's hard to weed out what people who have been playing for years know already though. haha
    9 hours ago, KyoukiDotExe said:

    Very nice job, glad it's so accessible too.

    • Thank you, it's tough to find that balance!
    5 hours ago, PGAW67 said:

    Very good guide, definitely this should be pinned. Very well done.

    • I think so too, lixil get on this hahaha
    4 hours ago, Triksterism said:

    Shared this with my new-to-APB friends. Helped a lot, good work.

    • Awesome, hope it eases their introduction to the game! APB is pretty overwhelming
    4 hours ago, Pufty said:

    Splendid! Nice format and effort put into it!

    I actually learned a thing (nade bouncing).

    • Glad you learned something new! That's what the whole guide is for
    3 hours ago, iPlumbum said:

    MedSpray with Clotting Agent 3.



    • Only the best tactic hahahaha
    3 hours ago, Strado said:

    Didn't read through it, but +rep for the idea and the effort you've put into it.

    Thank you in the name of the community.

    • Thank YOU  name of the community for at least glancing at my guide and supporting it!

  3. If they could limit it to one per team that's would remove any issue I have with the heavy hvr.


    People think nerfing the damage will do something, m8 it won't.


    In CS for example the AWP is very expensive so often there isn't more than one in play in the mid-game. Since you don't need to buy guns in APB limiting to one per team would sort of work the same way. And would eliminate sniper stacking which I personally find hardest to deal with.

  4. 8 hours ago, (PS4)SpAz586 said:

    Does leaning improve accuracy while jump shooting because on console I jump shoot with ntec no leaning and most of the time its pretty successful

    Leaning has no effect on accuracy, its a weird habit some people have come to overuse.

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