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  1. See topic. Would love to hold every weapon from my 500+ mail list.
  2. Apparently you've never been driving around in North Financial, and catch a truck spawning inside of a stopped car. It doesn't cause much just a car that goes 100 miles an hour spamming crashing sounds. Now me being a explorer decided to get into the vehicle that was going wild. It was glorious for the first few seconds it let me...then it shot underneath the map, and exploded. I died in the void with nothing to show for it, except a message of You shouldn't be here flashed across my screen, and sent me to the pick a spawn map. Glorious in my opinion. I do not feel it was a terrible bug.
  3. Kind of like how Rainbow six does its tier system outside of ranked mode.
  4. Go back to the classic ranks. Reset everyone to bronze 1. Remove anything below Bronze tier(Trainee & Green). Convert Green servers to bronze/silver. Give rewards for ranking up per tier. (once per character) Give increased rewards for playing in your threat district. (day of premium, guns for a couple days, mods for guns, character, cars) Add things for max level players.(map, contacts, missions, etc).
  5. Yes, and no. The fight club servers are in California. ~ I have below 25 ping Jericho game districts are in Texas. ~ It bounces between 45-60
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