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  1. still left the pay 2 win ogre as is I see? alright i get it you guys have to make money somehow right? Inappropriate language removed. - Azukii Yall expect us to all conglomerate as a collective and just simultaneously attack shotgun issues across the board and globe???? Offer some INCENTIVE to test weapons for you instead of just shrugging your shoulders when we don't want to figure your game out for free. We have BEEN shouting what needs to be done to shotguns for a near decade please don't begin to shed tears about internal testing.
  2. the first place you want to look when you can't log in is to Pinned Messages, or anything relating to a Holiday Patch. Exactly what's scheduled today is the valentine's event patch & assests.
  3. oh lord, he said Shotgun rework and posted a spreadsheet. This will not end well.
  4. If there are any eyes on this, does anyone know if ARMAS purchases are going through?
  5. In this world, surprise is mutual with disappointment. I hope they stay on task and don't overwork themselves. Happy Holidays.
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