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  1. The main complaint - the problem with the display of opponents. What you need to do to opponents lit red? It looks like a bug. In the description for the patch, you did not say this. A similar problem was observed in the epidemic - players nicknames were displayed, then not. And you also did not mention this in the notes to the patch, which also looked like a bug. WE DON'T LIKE When playernames are not displayed. WE DO NOT LIKE, when in order to enter the game - you need to stay in the very epicenter of the event, where enemies surround on each side and FPS leaves much to be desired. The second complaint is the area of 40x40. This is a lot. Every second chat message says that they have low FPS and lags. We need event areas 20x20.
  2. Why do all weapons with open slots, except "OCA EW 626" and "JG" - require 20 rank? I am 9 rank with open roles, I have unlocked weapons with open slots, but I can only use "OCA" and "JG". Why? I know that even higher rank is required to use modifications, but I'm interested in something else: why can I use only JG and OCA? I propose to remove the required rank for weapons unlocked by opening the role.
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