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  1. Will i get endless buff consumables if i join??
  2. So many beautiful faces in the reply, I cant wait to give you all hugs and kisses being back in S1 again!!
  3. Factions I totally agree with, as to much real money is tied into there cash shop items then I cannot support rolling any of this content back.. Reverting to the old skill, stat and mutation system they had I could get behind and support..
  4. It was events like this that made Fallen Earth such a unique game
  5. "Designated faction allies" The whole game is rainbow now minus the Traveler Triad clans.. Sounds like this event is there to try and breath life back into a old game that needs new blood.. Tho from the sounds of it I guess your happy with just having your LA circle jerk pvp matchs with blood sports on the side..
  6. This game use to thrive when players hosted events like this daily and weekly, I for one can't wait.. Hopefully everyone can play nice and not try and spoil the fun for everyone else..
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