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  1. How can you wait for the improvement of the arrival of new players, when the server is unavailable and "permanent" teleporters. Maybe the administration is thinking about it, and compensate the players for a premium account?
  2. Bad suggestion. In order to balance, donat should be cheaper in price ...
  3. It is to be hoped that the new company can satisfy everyone with its new price policy What could this mean?
  4. I also! I missed the filled streets of San Paro ^^
  5. Yes, here you are right. But I would like to see that not only the citadel but also the nekrova developed. Many of my friends do not come to play just because the donat has become too expensive in price = (
  6. Please go to the server Nekrovа .... In the business area with a golden threat not find servers with people.
  7. The price is very expensive. if you compare it with 4game then it's just incredible price! Discounts will not help, you need to cut the price in half, and only then do discounts. Due to the fact that donat weapons are very expensive, there are no online players.
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