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  1. It might, just don't expect it anytime soon man.
  2. Just make a Fallen Earth gun skin in APB and all the purchases keep the game up and go towards development. :v) ez money
  3. I bet they would if they could, but keeping the game server up and having someone maintain it costs money. If anything they should drop the F2P and just charge like $4.99 for it and goes on sell for like $1.99. I would buy it.
  4. I bet a private server will pop up at some point lol
  5. I think they will do something for those who recently purchased anything in the re-release, but I doubt will get any info until like next year. I assume wont have a new Fallen Earth until late 2020 lol
  6. you make a account here and login through steam?
  7. Why can't we just get along and be like friends? :v)
  8. Thanks for the update Matt!
  9. Don't let one person ruin the whole game for you friend.
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