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  1. ErikaVEVO

    I've being "hacked"

    Someone managed to log onto my account recently, i've sent this ticket to the support without any answers In those time i wish i could at least have some answers to my problem My last login was during the Red Hill LARP and last time i logged in (09/05/2019) i saw that everything i had on my main character,weapons modification, character modification, vehicules modification and all of my money got "stolen" Is there any way i can have some help with ? Maybe a list of connected IP to my account or a historic of sent mails from my character, I didnt have much but i lost about 1,5 million in this and i dont want to grind up all that back while someone got all of my stuff for free
  2. full code give this from hexa to decimal : 447828 and this from hexa to octal : 1552524 never actually did any ARG before so i'm pretty hyped right now w
  3. I can't do nothing much more with my poor drunked eyes right now for now i've got this part done : 6D554 77043 81496 93131 769C4 87849 117R0 39652 51028 49952 97X77 89257 0370J 12456 L3670 96369 02998 77685 77685 13652 94418 79872 59000 58890 16148 67341 63610 69011 38935 64532 00383 98P59 55094 25747 12659 99060 67195 7452D 36066 44587 08373 42718 it seems to be hexadecimal but its giving me this giberish : mUGpC�Ii11v�HxIp9e%(I�)wx�WpEcg ci��v�whQ6R�A��rY���sAca�8�VE289��P�%tq&Y�q�tR�`fDXp�sBq no idea if i've been of any help, good luck to y'all and have a great night
  4. No idea what to do with this but the mp3 from the link of the camera give this codes (edit ; better screenshot)
  5. Is the OTW still down ? still got the "login failed 11004"
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