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  1. I'm not judging from an "incredibly easy" position. I'm a software developer with ~15 years of experience post-college. I'm judging from the position of someone who actively works in devops and is responsible for builds/deployments to production servers. This is pitiful, and if anyone working with me acted in a way that led to this there would be serious discussions about their qualifications. How they feel doesn't really matter... just like when I tell a company we contracted with that "well, the server was down for three days, but I feel really bad about it!" they should rightly act like I'm insane. Again, this is about being professional. I'm simply saying that this scenario is anything but... and I kinda feel like you essentially agree with me about it. You just seem more complacent about it ("But it's APB. C'mon."). I'm completely fine with it being down, I have other things I can do, but I can still call it out.
  2. The fact that you think that Matt, the CEO made this mistake tells me how little you understand about companies.
  3. This downtime is far in excess of anything a professional company would accept. My workplace, for example, has contractual agreements with respect to uptime that if violated would cause significant issues. This is why you choose people that are competent and know when to be careful and just how thoroughly to test things before they hit production. This was a "hey guys, I think this is ready *crosses fingers* oh no... it's bad, how did I miss this? ahhh what now!" situation. You shouldn't have a positive take on this.
  4. I had this happen yesterday in FC when the servers were getting like 1-2 packet loss every other minute. Spray a guy point blank with carbine, no hitmarkers, blood, assist or anything No lag when this happened... wish I had /fps up to show it. I really wonder if there's some weird edge case with the HVR accuracy/damage logic change. This isn't normal.
  5. Any chance the sniper damage change has a bug that causes this? Maybe it's erroneously registering it should do 0 damage, and thus giving no markers?
  6. The game is still unplayable during prime time... because of the unwillingness to pay for ddos mitigation. The mitigation may seem expensive, but if you have an ACTIVE staff that turns it on within a few minutes of a ddos starting, your game would actually be playable. Lots of people who are coming back/joining new with great hope of the game coming back under better management than the garbage G1 was doing are becoming extremely demotivated and leaving again. You may see the mitigation as a waste of money, but without it your game is going to die before you recoup your funds.
  7. The problem isn't the ddos, the problem is that when a ddos occurs they're too cheap to actually turn on mitigation as it costs them money per minute it's turned on. Doesn't seem to matter that it will ruin player influx into the game they just purchased... gotta save money while people quit again!
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