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  1. They just have different priorities for each category i guess. I'm #4560 waiting for almost 20 days, but we have to give them time. We should be happy about the weekly updates we get from Matt, they really seem to do the best they can
  2. Hi, so since quite a decent amount of accounts has been unbanned lately, i wanted to suggest that we could get an armas sale on name changes. Many of us probably haven't been ingame for several years, missed server migration, etc.. And I'm sure there are some people who just aren't happy with the name they have now, because they have random letters behind it or something that makes them cringe from 2013. (I'm one of them) Imho that's a good opportunity to start such a sale since many people return and 10-15€ to change a display name is a tad too much at the moment, and I'm quite sure it is something that would be bought Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in suggestions, but i hope its something that would be taken into consideration
  3. Thanks for the heads up, does that mean that the Status of the G1 account should show sth like marked for unban now? or will it instantly go from blocked to active?
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