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  1. Commanders Crafting Kit Full Respec Injectors Bag upgrades (also vault but bag first) Overall, I'd be more than happy to spend cash in the marketplace if it were to be reopened, even with the servers in their current state, to help support the game's running costs etc
  2. Best place for info etc is the LO discord
  3. Must be something unique to your system not steam as they said some 60% of players going through Steam... Does it work for you using the direct download method?
  4. Yeah so (touch wood) its taken LO what, a week, to fix the lag G1 never managed to..... interesting
  5. Just logged on for today - lag seems better than it was yesterday so far?
  6. Yeah they said they'd recompiled the server code to run in a modern 64 bit environment - part of the issues before was the servers were running in a very old out of support 32 bit Linux environment so they couldn't patch it etc The client is the same old client we had before and that will be the "remake"
  7. Disabling in game mail would be very detrimental for me at least sending stuff to alts / friends etc
  8. Your PC settings / specs / performance etc have absolutely zero impact on server lag. The servers have just been totally rebuilt from the source code on a new x64 platform so some issues are to be expected. Its only been a few days as yet and they are actively working on them though so things should stabilise in time.
  9. The number of people showing up shows there's a demand for this game !
  10. Thanks for the update Matt - whilst there have been some issues particularly in the starter areas (could do with the old starter towns again to spread the load!), I'm actually surprised at how well the rebuilt servers have coped overall! Not surprised Sunday broke things with the number of people playing... Keep up the good work
  11. My understanding was that the previously paid items were coming in to be purchasable with chips from a vendor in game. Having said that, server hosting, staff salaries and maintenance etc isn't free and a lot of people have shown up to play - I for one would be very happy to support these costs and help ensure the game keeps going by throwing some cash LO's way
  12. I got an ATV but deleted it It was bugged, had no cargo space and I kept having weird issues with it randomly disappearing etc. Neither my wife (old account) nor son (new account) got one. Just some random stuff going on with the server rebuild I'd guess.
  13. Yeah seems like the Midway chunk is down
  14. Everyone starting from scratch anyway so just make a new account?
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