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  1. Thanks for the update Matt - appreciate the work you guys are doing to try to revive what was once one of my all time favourite MMOs.
  2. Awesome work Matt - best wishes to you and your team for a successful 2019 in the Apocalypse !
  3. Just caught the stream - great to hear where things are at and all sounds very positive. I had a chuckle when I heard Unity was the way things are going - playing one Unity MMO at the moment, watching another in development closely so FE will be three Clearly this isn't the time for detailed questions on gameplay etc. I really like the idea of a fresh start server - my wife and I will be there for sure when the time comes.
  4. Nice update - the shots look really nice - and looking forward to where you guys are heading with the game !
  5. Thank you for the open and transparent SoTG Matt. If you keep up this level of comms we're in good hands. Astounding how much G1 seemed to be missing. Good luck sorting it all out.
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