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  1. Thought I'd hop on to check what's up. Updated > launched > trailer etc. > when camera starts zooming out before account log in screen is presented, the game freezes and crashes. Followed by error report. Culprit : C:\Windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft.vc80.crt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_8.0.50727.6229_none_d089f796442de10e\msvcp80.dll". Tried to repair next. Same thing. Uninstalled game, thought it's in order since missed few updates over the while. Re-installed. Same thing. Same culprit. Any help is appreciated, thanks. College is nearly done so have more time.
  2. Seems all fine to me. Taking the post literally. Or I guess people could start using Flak, and vary up the game, but w/e :')
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