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  1. VeryCuteKitty

    Can't connect to the world server/disconnected

    yeah with an vpn program I can connect but with my original ip I cant connect...any fix for this?..
  2. VeryCuteKitty

    Can't connect to the world server/disconnected

    I have the same problem , I try connect to a district and im getting just kicked out after 5-10m of loading with message : you have been disconnected from the world server... any help ? :c
  3. VeryCuteKitty

    Error / Disconnected

    @Lixilsure where to share the video ?.
  4. VeryCuteKitty

    Error / Disconnected

    its onyl at apb reloaded any other game i have run fine without any error or connectivity problems... ;c
  5. VeryCuteKitty

    Error / Disconnected

    Dear LittleOrbit , i have installed new windows and now I'm getting this message : Error // disconnected you have been disconnected from the server unexxpectedly. the server may have gone offline , or you may be experiencing network connectivity issues. i get this message after im moving to the server list , after i pick an player and click next to get to the servers menu. any help please ?:
  6. If will be an merge that say that they will need to move all the purchase's from the both accounts to 1 account ,it will be a problem soon I don't think it will be.
  7. VeryCuteKitty

    Joker Vegas 4x4

    If you purchase a Vegas by joker tickets you get only 1 car. If you purchase from armas with g1c you can duplicate it. The firebomb worth it but you can't modify it (change the look ,change the mods) :3
  8. Fairfight bans worked on flags ,large amount of players was flagged for the same reason and FF created a group of the same players ,so LO has unblocked the largest groups to allow the most players get unblocked. And now they gonna start unblocking the other flags/groups.(the smaller amount of players) This why there's another wave and not everyone has been unblocked.