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  1. I tried the proton vpn and i can connect now to the world server.Thanks for the idea.
  2. I'm from hungary but peoples from my country can play so i don't know whats the issue with my internet.
  3. I tried to connect with 2 different type of router(Asus,TP-link) and i doesn't able to connect to the world server but i tried again with hotspot from my mobile and it worked perfectly so something is wrong with my main internet connection or i don't know whats the issue. And yeah it's recently all the time i want to join to world server with lan connection.
  4. Okay but whats wrong with my LAN connection because i cant connect to the game when i want to with my LAN connection
  5. Hello i wanted to play some APB but after i login and pressed next the game disconnected me and said the world server is down. After this i share the internet from my mobile with hotspot and the game worked i can login and play. After i did a little research it's maybe the router because the ports are not opened on my router. So my question is which ports do i need to be opened for the game because i opened the ports i read on pages but it still doesn't work for me.
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