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  1. Dreadarm

    cant play apb :(

    I play this game daily and do not experience any random disconnects...
  2. Dreadarm

    nothing is changed yet

    I cant tell you how bad my brain cringed reading this post... Not because the OP is wrong, but because they type everything in some crap form of abbreviated English reserved for teeny-boppers texting each other. God my eyes and brain are on fire!
  3. Dreadarm


    And you don't seem to comprehend that I never actually stated any of this... Yet you continue to attack me directly.
  4. Dreadarm


    Comprehension and agreement are two entirely separate things. I don't have to agree with you in order to comprehend what you wrote. But you know continuing to attack me directly doesn't really further anything you are saying so it really doesn't matter.
  5. Dreadarm


    No, scroll wheel is not programmed into the game. It is button on a mouse just like all the others. It can be assigned in the game to the fire action. But it is not "programmed" into the game. And using a scroll wheel in this fashion equates to a mechanical macro. So are you now saying macro's are ok? hmmm...? And I have not been fighting for nothing. I got quite what I wanted from this conversation.
  6. Dreadarm


    See now we get down to the real brass knuckles. I never said using a macro was ok or allowed. I said it doesn't matter, and that it really should not be an issue. As far as Tiggs and the TOS I already acknowledged that I was unaware of the change to the TOS and the original G1's stance on macro's. At one time they were expressly allowed. And, still no. A macro does not effect the game in a way that changes any mechanic programmed into the game. It simply alters the type of input as does a scroll wheel, or any other keybinding plain and simple. Have any more words to throw at me?
  7. HAHA I was one of the people who got banned for selling shirts... *sigh*. Good times, good times.
  8. I agree, Don't really need to know Who really, just want to know how many. Statistics would be enough to make me feel like something was actively being done.
  9. Dreadarm


    Who exactly is this "we" you keep mentioning, you act like tons of people are against me. Lol... It's funny how you derive those meanings from my statements and quote me, but still failed to show where I made any statements that you quoted. The first one: I said I challenged every argument you made, I never said I won or lost anything. The second: You are taking my response completely out of context and apply a "slippery slope" fallacy to attempt to gain ground on the subject. My response here was only to your claim that a macro is changing the game design. I guess you couldn't possibly have derived any logic from any of my other posts where I actually explained my position clearly since they don't further your attack. The Third: This is not just " My definition". This is the proper definition as it applies to gaming and this conversation. Unlike your definition that you derived and altered straight from a google search. The Forth: Once again you take the point of my statement here and attempt to twist it. The point here is that there is no benefit from using a macro. You then jump on a slippery slope and claim that well fine, if macro's are ok then I guess all cheats and hacks are ok to! I am glad to see you took the time to spell this out for me. I can see now that no matter what I say, to you it translates to "cheating is ok" but you cant actually base any form of argument around my principle claim that macros net no benefit over other forms of rapid fire. You have countless replies, and I have shown evidence and explained myself. You have just sent word after word and given no actual argument as to WHY you think macros are cheating.
  10. Dreadarm


    There you go putting words in peoples mouths, Id like you to link where I stated any of this since you are supposedly quoting me.
  11. Dreadarm


    Ok I've accepted that you are just not worth my time anymore. I have successfully challenged every single argument you have made, You keep changing your basis for your argument, Then you repeat yourself a lot, you put words in peoples mouths, and you cite information that you ALTER thinking no one will read it so that it appears to fit your agenda. You really are just not worth it anymore. You just keep attacking me personally, and using fallacies to argue your point. You just don't have any ground to stand on. So this will be my last response to you. I will just click the ignore button the next time you reply to one of my threads. If anyone else has something worth contributing to this debate, I am all ears. Lets do it! You have either not read anything that is being discussed, or you are simply attempting to be smart. No one in this entire thread has condoned full Automation.
  12. Dreadarm


    Why are you putting words in my mouth? Can you not make your argument without resorting to silly tactics like changing the definition of things you cite, changing your argument, and changing the context of statements?
  13. Dreadarm


    Its not the same principle, you are now moving to oranges vs apples again. Smooth aim is a feature in an aim-bot which falls under hack. And maybe I am just not picking up what you are putting down because I am not buying into your argument.
  14. Dreadarm


    See, and that is where macro comes in, you are still sending mouse clicks or what ever key push you are using to fire. Its just an expansion of the instruction. There is no net benefit between a macro expansion and individual mouse clicks. here is a good side by side comparison.
  15. Dreadarm


    And? you cant bypass the global cap on the fire rate of any gun in the game. I guess my point here is, macro, scroll wheel, or any other form of input, you can't fire a gun faster than its cap rate. So there is no net benefit of using a macro, and therefore it is not harmful.