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  1. no threat districts actually is a good idea but thats only happened cuz of jericho population. but let it be as it is. they wouldnt care less about that topic and ur opinions
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    witnessing is kinda interesting thing, but what you gonna do with it if thats actually like 4 min mission. could be longer if u would make like regular missions i guess
  3. eu cheaters are still occasionally going blatant and much of them are using macro as well but honestly you cant say who is cheating and who is not. I assure that NA doesnt have any cheaters though.
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    G1 bad support

    Recently I made a payment for G1C and did not even receive the G1C but it has been debited from my bank. I have sent multiple emails to G1, but nobody is responding to this... I don't think this is a good thing.
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