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  1. weeell id imagine a dude in a decent chair like an embody or sylphy would probably play better than a dude in a run of the mill bucket seat gaming char. also on second thought maybe high refresh monitors matter a tad bit less in the case of apb since the game itself can't hold a solid high fps
  2. what's there not to understand though. high refresh rate will make firing the carbine/fbw a much easier and consistent task. moreso, competitive gamer's more than likely would've invested in a high refresh rate monitor (and a pc to hit high frames & a ssd) back in the day. thus id wager that'd be the primary reason most people would assume carbine players with said monitors are macroing when in reality its pretty easy to fire quickly @ 144hz from experience.
  3. can confirm, its as if people are only comparing weapon stats to other weapon stats without any context regarding the game itself. sure the ntec is versatile, but it'll get destroyed by the likes of smg's, carbines and snipers in their respective ranges. tbh i fear carbine users more than ntec chods though, as they'll expertly maneuver themselves due to the nature of their weapon, and the fact they'll probably be using a 144hz-240hz monitor (<-- feels like cooling jacket on a stock carbine lel). but like what other people have said, id suggest to make other weapons better or more inline with the short ttk meta, or even completely overhaul the system with the longer ttk that was originally envisioned iirc.
  4. new devs just need to implement battleye/their own crap well (apparently they implemented be badly tho). that being said, back in the day 98% of ppl cheated at the top
  5. weel if battleye is implemented well in conjunction with other stuff, its pretty decent i.e. fortnite, r6s. but if the devs aren't spicy meatballs, u get a pubg lol. it appears current apb devs may be spicy meatballs in this regard
  6. that's kinda weird, i mean the ping not the spike i remember getting as low as 150 in fc sometimes while 190 avg~ in financial within the last week im guessin ur routing cant really be improved huh, feelsbad lol
  7. screw hwid bans, just emulate fortnite and make crap server sided so closets would be hindered by a decent paywall
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