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  1. There is a solution, because they removed threat districts. They should have added a matchmaking system similar to any other game (MMR depended). A low-gold should only be matched against a high-silver to low and mid gold. Thus, smoothing the learning curve of a player and not drive new or less experienced people away. There's 1000 of ways implemented in APB to track how well a player performs, but since the last update Matt Scott gave us. I'm convinced they can't even read how the Code works for anything in APB, especially matchmaking, as it is unique and the coder who coded it 10 years ago, is long gone. If they make the decision to recode the whole module for that, a lot of people will come back. If they want to get it fixed, they should start listing priorities and executing them in favor of the customers/players. Giving an update once in a while does not suffice, the game is on constant decline. At this point the Engine update is just an expensive time consuming marketing campaign by LO, which is not performing well. I regularly check on these Forums just to see what progress has been made. It feels like nothing is changing, and we keep getting the same essays without plagiarism.
  2. You are clearly misunderstanding the post, i didnt suggest anything. Just asking opinions, i myself have been in this game for years, always had a paid premium. I'd love to support the game. If you cant understand what someone says just dont even bother replying non sense comments.
  3. Hey there, While we absolutely grinded so many hours on the game in these days of covid19, and thank to Matt Scott who also provided us with free premium. Do you think APB:R would be better if premium was free and replaced the old system as an original part of the game, making it more attractive to new comers(more standing, more $/mission)? Answer yes or no and why? Sorry for my English.
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